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Producers and Operators

Stateside  Energy  Is  a  producer  and  operator  with  over  1200  acres  of  leases  in  Kiowa  County,  Oklahoma.    With  countless

targets  throughout  these  leases,  the  future  looks  exciting!


Global Experience Applied Locally

With  over  75  years  E&P  experience  around  the  world,  Stateside   Energy’s  team  combines  international  expertise  

and  local  know-how to  maximize its  potential.


Poised for Growth

Targeting expansion  in Oklahoma,  Stateside  Energy  is  excited  to  add  to  its  portfolio  of  leases  and  wells  in  Kiowa  County.

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Stateside Energy

1621 Olga Street, Altus, Oklahoma 73521, United States

(514) 961-2247 info@stateside.energy

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